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Discoloured or yellow toenails: tips on how to care for them

Are you terrified that someone might see your feet, especially your yellow toenails? Do not panic, there are ways to treat your yellowing toenail and to restore it’s health and beauty. First, though, it is important for you to learn about the causes. 

Yellow toenails: the causes

Several factors can cause discoloured or yellow toenails. It can be due to the thickening of the nails caused by pressure from our shoes, a hematoma, a nail varnish that keeps them from breathing, or a fungus. The thickening of the nail may be the result of a change in nail growth. However, there are other factors that may influence the appearance of a yellowing toenail such as age, illness or diet. Choosing the right footwear is also very important. Leather shoes are a good choice, for example, as they let your feet breathe. 

Yellow toenails: choose the right treatment

Yellow toenails are simply nails that have thickened under pressure. This is caused by your feet being closed up in shoes and not getting enough air. Your toenails need treatment. The Scholl brand recently released a nifty device called "3 in 1 Perfect Nails." Indeed, this highly effective product contains a nail file and two gels that you apply to your yellowing toenail. This treatment will instantly reduce the appearance of discoloured and yellow toenails, while revitalising the nails and giving them a healthy and shiny glow.