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Dead skin on your feet: how do you treat corns and calluses?

Many people suffer from excessively dry, dead skin on your feet as well as corns and calluses. To help fight against these uncomfortable foot problems you need to pamper your feet every day and do not hesitate to consult a specialist. 

Hard, dead skin on feet, calluses and corns

Foot calluses are characterised by a thickening of the skin on the support areas of the soles of your feet. Corns, meanwhile, are lumps on the friction points of the toes. Your can also develop hard, dead skin on your feet that is deeply embedded and often very painful. These hard spots often turn into calluses. Hard spots, calluses and corns are often the result of intensive walking with bad posture, shoes that are too tight or heels that are too high.

Some tips on caring for corns, calluses and dead skin on feet

If you suffer from dead skin on your feet, corns or calluses, it is a good idea to visit a doctor. A doctor can give you the right diagnosis and treatment for your condition. There are several treatments for dead skin on feet, corns and calluses. First, do a regular scraping of the outer layer with a special tool or with exfoliating creams. Then, to heal and treat your feet, it is advisable to protect the affected areas with special scar- repairing bandages. Finally, if your foot problems are actually caused by bad posture or a lack of support while walking, your podiatrist may prescribe insoles that rebalance your posture.