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Back correcting shoes: take care of your body!

More and more people are suffering from back pain, and it is often due to our posture and the way we walk. Don’t give up hope just yet though, as there is a solution to stop you from forever being in pain: back correcting shoes. These comfortable shoes are a true innovation in the way we treat our backs.

Back correcting shoes: sophisticated technology

Traditional footwear stabilises us without taking into account the muscles that support our body. Back correcting shoes use a sophisticated technology that changes all of that. The cushioned soles were studied and designed to mimic your body’s natural position when walking barefoot on soft ground. When you wear these comfortable shoes you are in constant disequilibrium, which means that all of your muscles have to work, from ankles to buttocks, abdominals and back muscles. It helps you to stand up straight and tone your muscles, therefore relieving your back pain. 

Step into back correcting shoes

Every time you take a step with back correcting shoes it is as though you have just done a mini-workout. Even when standing, your muscles are being toned, your joints relieved and your entire body stabilised. These comfortable shoes are shaped like a gondola, which forces the foot to role at every step. This movement is essential for the spine to shift back into its natural position. This helps avoid spasms and contractions. These shoes are ideal for people who have to stand for long periods of time.