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Aching feet: tips for relieving foot pain

We have all experienced aching feet after standing all day, dancing all night or a very active sporting activity. Here are some tips to avoid foot pain by removing the tension or swelling in your feet. 

Aching feet? Follow these tips

Here are some tips for soothing aching feet:

  • First of all, remember to take regular foot baths. Dip your feet in a tub of warm water, or in a bowl in which you have placed two effervescent aspirin tablets. 

  • You can also soak your feet in a sage bath, which is ideal for foot pain.

  • Another technique is to pour peppermint essential oil into a basin of hot water, dip your feet in and lock in the heat with a towel.

  • To relieve any tension, fatigue or swelling of your feet, you can simply place a bag of frozen peas or a bag filled with ice directly onto your aching feet.

  • Finally, before going to sleep, place a cushion under your feet to gently elevate them. This helps alleviate the pain after a long day of standing up. 

Some exercises to get rid of aching feet

There are some exercises you can do to ease aching feet. For example, stand on tiptoe for fifty seconds then slowly lower your feet. Then, with your feet flat on the floor, roll your foot outward about twenty times, pressing the sides to the floor. To rid yourself of foot pain, you can also lean your body slowly back and forth a dozen times with straight legs and parallel feet. Finally, lie down with your legs vertically against a wall for several minutes.